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Bill_Percy_Headshot2   I live with Michele Brooks, my wife and best reader, and write on the shores of beautiful Lake Pend Oreille, in Hope, Idaho. I wrote my first novel at age 26, and it was terrible (and it still is, though I am quite fond of its yellowed pages which no other humans will get to see). Forty years of sharing the stories and struggles of my therapy clients have tuned me like a violin to the harmonics of human suffering and tragedy-the ways we redeem our pain and transform suffering into grace, first by facing it, then by sharing it with one another.

But I’m a fan of far more than that. I love music, especially the baroque and the modernists — the Bach guys through Mozart and Beethoven, to Mahler and Vaughn Williams and Benjamin Britten. Then there are the folkies – not just Peter Paul and Mary or Ian and Sylvia or Bill Staines or Nancy Griffith, but from Dylan through Cohen through Petty to Trampling on Turtles and Arlo. Oh, and of course, the Standard bearers – Sinatra, Cole, Crosby, Bennett, Steve Tyrell. Did I mention Gershwin and Ferde Grofe? Or Springsteen? Or the Everly’s? Well, only so much room.

And then there’s brain science. And baseball. And fishing. And golf.

And Zen Buddhism, the Christian mystics, and about fifty “favorite” writers. I’ll post a blog about them soon.

I’m showing off here, so I’ll stop. I wanted to give you a feel for the range of my interests, since the tag line of the blog is Psyche, Writing, Spirit. Psyche covers all the scientific, but also the humanistic side, of my interests. “Writing” captures the various forms of verbal creativity I’m curious about, and extends (a writer’s prerogative) to all creative endeavors. and “Spirit” captures that vibrant realm where the energies are, and where we face our demons and meet “the better angels of our nature” (thank you, President Lincoln).

I look forward to meeting you.

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  1. Bill, I’d like to talk to you about your experience with Black Rose Writing as your publisher. I have submitted a novel to them and was wondering how your experience has been. Thanks in advance. – Joe

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